COVID-19 Makes It More Important Now Than Ever To Clean And Sanitize Your Office

No one could have foreseen a worldwide lockdown amidst a pandemic, but that’s precisely what happened.  While local economies are slowly opening up, people still have serious concerns about the COVID-19 virus. They are worried that a single sick person at work could be infected with the virus that will take down the entire department/staff.


For that reason, managers/business owners need to properly clean and sanitize their offices/buildings to protect their employees.


The COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV2) is spread mainly through close personal contact. It’s been discovered that commercial spaces with stainless steel, cardboard and plastics have a higher infection rate than other places. As such, any COVID-19 positive person means the owner must take aggressive action to clean and sanitize the building.


Virus’ Lifespan On Surfaces


It’s widely known that the coronavirus spreads primarily through infected droplets while coughing or sneezing. The problem with COVID-19 is its resiliency to stay alive, meaning it’s been shown to live on surfaces for longer periods of time. In one study, the virus survived on plastic for three days and one day on cardboard. These are very common surfaces in buildings, which is why disinfecting and sanitizing a building is so prudent right now.


Employees should also be encouraged to wipe surfaces down after use.


What Has An Impact On The Coronavirus?


Most people understand the seriousness of the coronavirus.  Today, disinfecting surfaces has become much easier. The typical cleaning wipe is fine for spot cleaning on daily surfaces. However, cleaning wipes containing more than 70% alcohol is recommended, which is something most office cleaning services NJ use.


This is to ensure that the virus is eradicated from surfaces.


Even with 70% or more alcohol in cleaning wipes, a building needs to undergo an extensive cleaning or techniques like electrostatic frogging need to be used. With this method, the mist of an antimicrobial spray is used that will electrostatically charge any bacteria and virus to kill it.


Cleaning vs. Disinfecting In Different Industries


Building owners must be mindful of the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases around the world. It’s why every industry must be prudent in its cleaning and sanitizing efforts.


Clinics and Hospitals


There are all kinds of bacteria and viruses that can affect people, not just COVID-19. There are also numerous health problems that they visit a doctor for. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing these places is a must to reduce any virus spread, including the coronavirus.


Corporate Offices


In the corporate industries, multi-national companies often have several departments and floors and employ hundreds to thousands of people. People are bound to interact more with one another. This increases the chance of the coronavirus spreading at work. This is why professional cleaning services NJ is a must in the business world to ensure a healthy working environment.


Retail Stores

Retail stores are visited by hundreds of people every day, which increases the chance of spreading the coronavirus. People come to stores, and they’re touching and picking up things. If this person is COVID-19 positive (even without symptoms), it means the virus is now on your product. This is why precautions must be taken to keep your workers and visitors safe.




A warehouse is a place to store goods used by numerous entities such as exporters, importers, customs, manufacturers, etc. Hundreds of people are touching various parts of the building, which raises the chance of spreading COVID-19. To reduce the spread, warehouse managers need to hire building cleaning services NJ to regularly clean and sanitize the facility.


What Benefits Do Professional Cleaning Services NJ Provide?


There are a host of benefits when you hire professional cleaning services NJ, and they include but are not limited to:


  • Happy, healthy staff
  • Boost in productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Fewer employee sick days
  • Reduced chance of coronavirus spread
  • Better air quality


Why Is A Professional Cleaning Services Company NJ So Important?


Most in-house cleaning staff do not have the tools or knowledge to thoroughly clean and disinfect a building from the coronavirus. That’s why hiring professional office cleaning services NJ is a critical step into protecting your employees and visitors from the virus.


Office cleaning services NJ have trained professionals who can assist building owners in ensuring their facilities are properly cleaned and sanitized.  These individuals can use non-toxic, effective cleaning solutions that will kill the COVID-19 virus. Since the cleaning crews are professionals, employees can spend less time worrying about the virus and more time on their job.  Professional cleaners mean minimal operational disruptions and improvement in staff morale.


New Jersey-based cleaning company, Complete Care Maintenance, offers its services to various industries throughout the state. We understand the importance of disinfecting your building, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world. We make sure to get every area of the building and offer many services, including but not limited to:


  • General office cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Breakroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Electronics dusting
  • Telephone sanitizing
  • High touch surface cleaning and sanitizing
  • Window cleaning


When you need professional cleaning services, our team at Complete Care Maintenance will clean and sanitize your facility to ensure it’s free of germs. We know that mopping floors, emptying wastebaskets and dusting the blinds isn’t all there is to cleaning. We have the services you need to ensure your employees feel confident that you care about their health.


We are located at 10 Schalks Crossing Road in Plainsboro, New Jersey. You can call us at 609-275-8227 or email us at to learn more about us and our services.




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