Whether it’s for the bedroom, for a specific dress or daily-wear, Valentines Lingerie is incredibly important. Not only is it necessary that you wear bras that fit correctly for your health but you can actually look thinner in the correct Valentines Lingerie. You must ask yourself some specific questions, if you want to know if you are wearing the correct size bra. So here goes… Do you feel relief when taking your bra off at the end of the day? Do you pull the back of your bra down through-out the day? Do you have lumps and bumps you think are unsightly when wearing t-shirts or dresses? Do you have red marks when you have taken your bra off?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are wearing the wrong size or type of bra – like 70 per cent of the female population. It does seem an extraordinarily large percentage, but the average woman changes bra size several times throughout her life and all it takes is to not really take any interest in your Valentines Lingerie for a year or two and you’re suddenly in a Valentines Lingerie rut.

If you’re wearing the wrong size bra it also possibly means the rest of your Valentines Lingerie and swimwear won’t be the correct size either. There needs to be a strategic approach to improving your Valentines Lingerie collection and it starts with a bra fit and finishes with you possibly buying clothes a size smaller!

Use an Expert

The next step after being bra fitted is trying different shapes of bra. Do this while you are being fitted, as the bra fitter can then give you advice on different styles and brands; it’s likely that you won’t be the same size in every make and style.

Go Shopping

Spend some time in a Valentines Lingerie shop and see what’s available. There are some fantastic slips, knickers and shapewear in all sorts of materials for different needs. What do you want: invisible under clothes Valentines Lingerie? Slimming Valentines Lingerie? Enhancing Valentines Lingerie? Sexy Valentines Lingerie? Or supportive Valentines Lingerie? You name it, there’s an option for you now and all you have to do is spend some time to find the right Valentines Lingerie for you.

What are your Needs?

Please, please, please do not fill your Valentines Lingerie drawer with white cotton bras and knickers – there’s just no excuse for it anymore. By all means have some everyday sets, but ensure they are fulfilling your needs. Try to wear matching sets all the time, you can have plain ones but mix it up – just like your clothes wardrobe – with colour, luxurious fabrics and accessories.

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