Expand Your Market Reach With Mass Email Marketing

Bulk email server is an easy-to-use web app to create, send and track email marketing campaigns Email is a really powerful tool which can establish rapport, build relationship with customers and generate lots of new business if used wisely in online marketing, email shot or shot mail advertising. Whenever I talk to businesses I find out that very few of those are using e-mail properly and majority of those businesses are not taking advantage of this really powerful tool. For Mass Email Sender for Bulk Email Blasts will find many small businesses even don t have an e-mail list for their customers.

Can you believe it ? Yes it is a fact. Imagine having a list of , , , or more e-mail ids of your satisfied customers whom you can send a message in just few minutes without any printing and postage expense. Huge time saver and convenient! There is an even more important thing to consider. Nowadays many mail servers, and significantly free services as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, refuse to accept messages from any local SMTP server: this is because in the past most SPAM was sent through local servers; therefore, as a spam-prevention measure, they accept messages only from “public” SMTP servers – servers whose addresses have been registered as public SMTP relays (technically it’s a little more complex thing, but this approximation gives the idea).

In other words, if you are using a local service (or Direct Send) to send out to Hotmail, the best you can expect is that your message goes straight into “spam” folder – if it’s accepted at all. Get a dedicated server for your mass mail sending: If e-mail marketing is an essential part of your everyday activity, you should consider a dedicated service: you’ll get faster sending and greater delivery rates (and the cost is probably lower than any other marketing tool after all).

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